Solo Exhibitions 
1998  Personal exhibition – Matusevich’s gallery. Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1997  Exhibition of private collection. Strasbourg, France.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009  “Closer to the sun”. Jerusalem, Israel.
2000  Annual Israeli Wine Festival. Rishon le Zion, Israel.
1996  “Eurasia,” state museum of Arts. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1993-95  Several home exhibitions. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1992  “Reverse Side of Pictures ” – the “Green Triangle” art group. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1991  Exhibition calling against nuclear trials in cooperation with rock musicians of St. Petersburg Rock Club & Moscow band
“Nevada – Semipalatinsk.” Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1990  “The Green Triangle.” Exhibition at Voznesensky Cathedral Square. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1990  The “Green Triangle.” Architect’s Union. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1990  The “Green Triangle.” “Rukhani” rock club. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1989  The “Green Triangle.” “Perekrestok” exhibition. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.
1989  The “Green Triangle.” Museum of Book. Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.

Private collections
USA, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Korea, and Turkey.

2002-2004  Cooperaton with “Mihlala le Minhal” with regards to wall paintings in high schools in Or Ehuda and other locations as well. Israel.
1998-2002  Cooperation with “Taldor Group” with regards to wall painting projects in a selection of schools all across Israel.
During his working hours, Marat tried to evoke an interest towards art in students.